“Working with Ginger Valentine in her Serious Showgirl Intensive is a dream! She’s concise with incredible attention to detail, and a wonderful energy to be around. She’s drastically changed my craft for the better and I always look forward to our sessions.”  Eva Mae Garnet

Are you ready to reach your full potential as a burlesque performer?

 Are you frustrated that despite your hard work and practice, you still feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

 Do you waste time playing the comparison game, feeling like you’re not as good as your burlesque peers?

 Are you ready to learn how to work smarter, not harder so you can finally get into those high profile shows and a have a calendar full of bookings?

 Do you wish you had an expert who could take you by the hand and tell you exactly what to do to finally get into that festival, get regular bookings and help you write your place in burlesque history?


What if…

 You could work toward accomplishing your bigger burlesque dreams with confidence, competence and enthusiasm?

 You could create show-stopping acts, getting you more bookings and acceptance letters for shows outside of your hometown, or even internationally?

 You could jump start your burlesque career armed with knowledge and skills, saving you both time and money?

 You had a mentor armed with knowledge and experience in your corner guiding you each step of the way?


You have the ambition and the heart, but you need expert help.


How do you manage your day job and your personal life with your demands as a performer? How do you know if you’re using your time productively? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or lack focus.

 How do you overcome self doubt and hesitation and show the burlesque world what you’ve got?

 Maybe you just need a swift kick in the butt and someone who’s been there, done that – and made it! – to hold you accountable and give you the know-how and unshakable confidence to shine onstage and online.


That’s where I come in.


Who am I, and how can I help?

My name is Ginger Valentine and I have over 30 years of combined dance and burlesque experience. I have won multiple awards, including trophies at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. I’ve toured half the world in the biggest burlesque show in the world, Dita Von Teese’s Art of the Teese and The Copper Coupe and performed in hundreds of shows coast-to-coast. Through my own hard work, successes and failures, I’ve realised all my ambitions and created an adventure-filled, serious showgirl life beyond my wildest dreams. I can help you do the same.

But it wasn’t always like this…

I remember feeling just like you. I believed in myself, and knew I had the heart and drive, but I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to take myself further. I tried so many things to break through to the next level, but I was stuck in a rut I couldn’t climb out of.

So I gave up.

Then one day, I woke up and realized that the only person who could truly prevent me from doing all I wanted, was me.  I’d had it with the self pity and decided I was going to do something drastic to turn things around and get serious about my showgirl dreams.

I decided to do three things: put myself first, work with the best coaches I could find, and focus on working smarter, not harder. These simple changes weren’t easy, but my career quickly transformed and before I knew it I had landed my dream job and was touring the world.

Now I want to use my hard-won knowledge and experience to help you.


When I was getting started, all I ever wanted was for someone to take me under their wing and give me the focused one-on-one attention I needed to get my show on the road. Someone who could guide me and  give me the tools that would help me for the rest of my career. Someone who could not only improve my burlesque career, but also help me reclaim my power and enthusiasm for my whole life.

I can help you fast track your way to your burlesque dreams and become a Serious Showgirl who stands out and books out.

Introducing The Serious Showgirl Intensive (SSI)

My six week transformational course is custom tailored for your needs and designed to help you find the time, tools and confidence to go after your dreams and achieve them quickly.

We will focus on areas such as:

– performance and showmanship, so that you have more confidence both on and off stage.

– striptease technique, so that you can learn how to tease and tantalize audiences into a frenzy.

– sensuality, so that you learn how to make your shows authentic and unforgettable.

– conditioning, so that you learn how to build a strong body and improve stamina.

– act review, so that you can immediately begin transforming a current act into a showstopper.

– choreography and composition, so that you learn how find your own unique voice.


“Becoming a #seriousshowgirl student with Ginger Valentine was one of the best investments I have made as a burlesque performer (and human being in general).”  Gidget Brigit


Course Breakdown

– 6 weeks of expert, private mentoring

– 1 x 60-90 minute 1-1 session per week

– 24/7 access via email or text.

Are you ready to become a Serious Showgirl? Take action today and contact my via the form below for a free consultation

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