Ginger Valentine Online Burlesque Classes

Ready to let loose and have fun with GV?

Hey girl. Does this sound like you?

♡ You want to try burlesque, but believe that you can’t dance, or are too old/overweight/uncoordinated/born under the wrong sign.

♡ You’re sick of the gym, and want a fun, challenging way to tone up and boost your fitness.

♡ You’re burlesque-curious, wondering if there is a secret showgirl inside of you just waiting to come out.

♡ Or maybe you’re a seasoned performer stuck in a rut, and in serious need of a fresh perspective and show-stopping new moves.

Workouts don’t have to be dull and uninspiring.

You don’t need anyone to give you permission to chase your dreams.

And you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels trying to get better, but going nowhere.

What if…

There was a judgement-free, safe space to dance it out, have fun and make new friends?

You never had to suffer through another dull workout ever again?

You could discover and unleash that inner showgirl with an award-winning, jet setting, burlesque-loving, tease queen who will support you every step of the way?

You could finally break out of your creative rut, feel renewed and excited for your upcoming gigs, prepared for major shows and competitions, and inspired to create?

Well I’ve got you, girl. welcome to the ride of your life!

Who am I?

My name is Ginger Valentine and I have over 30 years of combined dance and burlesque experience.

I have won multiple awards, including trophies at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.
I’ve toured globally in the biggest burlesque show in the world, Dita Von Teese’s
Art of the Teese and The Copper Coupe and performed in hundreds of shows coast-to-coast.

But just like you, I had to start somewhere.

And that “somewhere” was confusing to say the least! I struggled with trying to figure out the best route to actually be a burlesque dancer. I didn’t know how to train, what to do, and in general felt very excited, but very overwhelmed.

I wish I’d had someone in my corner to show me the way.

Through my own hard work, successes and failures, I’ve realized all my ambitions and created an adventure-filled, serious showgirl life beyond my wildest dreams.

Now, I am on a mission to spread the gospel of burlesque, helping anyone who wants to unleash their inner Showgirl.

“Working with Ginger Valentine is a dream! She’s concise, with incredible attention to detail, and a wonderful energy to be around. She’s drastically changed my craft for the better and I always look forward to our sessions.”

Eva Mae

Burlesque Performer

“Even though I am a seasoned performer and burlesque instructor myself, I firmly believe one is never done learning and improving, and I know Ginger feels the same!  Not only has Ginger helped me polish existing acts, but she has also given me tools to rehearse more effectively, create more thoughtful movement, and be more present to establish deeper connections with my audience while on stage. It is very apparent that Ginger really enjoys coaching burlesque students! I feel her enthusiasm for this art form every time we meet. She is honest and thoughtful with her feedback and also is there to remind you that she is rooting for you to succeed in your journey.”

Maxi Millions

Burlesque Performer

“To say I love these classes is an understatement. Not only has dance enhanced my life (body, mind and soul), it has brought some incredible humans into my orbit. I absolutely cherish these classes!”