Strip School 2024

I wanna Stripflix ‘n’ Thrill with you, girl. All year long…

Okay girl, it’s the 67th of January already, the world is a hella scary place to be, and all around me I’m hearing the same statements, stories and sabotage from newbies and icons alike.

‘I should be at X level by now.’

‘If I had a X type body I could…’

‘Who am I to do this anyway?’

‘Does what I do even matter?’

‘I’ll never feel good enough.’

Impostor Syndrome with extra cries please, to go! 🍟

As we’re all floundering in the same leaky boat, I’m taking the wheel and steering us straight to the sunny shores of Strip School 2024 – and this year it’s all about two all-healing Rs – Regulation and Rediscovery.

Do you want to…

  • kick impostor syndrome to the curb for good?
  • discover what makes your remarkable body unique and captivating, on stage and off?
  • learn exactly what it takes to win hearts – and crowns – and stand out in any lineup?
  • fast track your way to the highest standard of performance you’re capable of – and snag those big bookings?
  • AND utterly transform your burlesque career and approach every show and opportunity with confidence and expertise?

Yeah, I thought so. I got you, girl.

If you’re ready to learn how to tease with ease and embark on a wonderful new adventure with an expert instructor, Strip School is going to be your new obsession.

By the end of 2024 you’ll have six unique and complete burlesque routines in the bank, mastering props and costumes along the way. Plus, two dozen Fit and Flex sessions to help you improve stamina and unlock new tricks and moves – AND two dozen more info-packed lessons on presence, tease technique, dance moves and more.

What is Strip School?

Strip School is a monthly online training program that serves fun, fitness and expert burlesque instruction to living rooms and studios all over the world. And now it’s headed to yours, girl! The classes can be physical, and you’ll need a little coordination, but you don’t need any previous experience or dance training.

Each month you learn a full length striptease routine that teaches you how to take it off like a pro. You also get themed weekly lessons on tease, movement, and presence, giving you the skills you need to become the showgirl you’ve always wanted to be: confident, captivating and unforgettable. 

With a new theme each month, demos, and Fit and Flex videos, you’ll have plenty of new tricks and routines to master – without overwhelm or monotony.

Online videos are released weekly on Friday afternoons, but you can view them anytime from the comfort of your own home, and complete the course at your own pace.

There are no live classes, so you never have to worry about time zones or missing out on any fun.

You can also message me any time via the chat box for support or to ask questions about a lesson.

Leave your hangups at the door, girl! Whether you’ve danced your whole life, or feel like you’re the most uncoordinated person on the planet, Strip School will unleash and refine your inner showgirl and have you teasing like a pro, building your strength and confidence all at the same time!

You’re going to be punching the air and taking on the whole damn world after a class with me, so get on board – I can’t wait to meet you!

“I’ve been MIA because my hubby gifted me Ginger’s online burlesque lessons and I CAN’T stop – WON’T stop! She’s made my whole year SO much better! I’ve been obsessed with practising floorplay, striptease and lapdancing ever since. Dancing for my husband for the first time was SUCH A RUSH! Highly recommend.” 



Strip School is for any BODY interested in letting loose and having fun while learning the sensuous art of striptease. It’s particularly good if you’re beginning your burlesque journey, for fun or for serious. You don’t need any previous experience and you can begin any month you want – there are no prerequisites for any class.

TEASE TIMETABLE (Less ‘classroom’ and more ass boooom, know what I’m saying?)

Each month in Strip School you will learn a sassy striptease routine that teaches you how to take it off like a pro. With a new theme each month, you will never run out of new tricks and routines to learn and master.


This month you will learn:

  • 3+ Sinful ways to remove stockings on the floor
  • 4 Uber hot floor moves using the boa
  • Beyond Technique: 5+ ways to keep the audience focused on  you
  • Be Bold: Mastering stillness and taking up space


    This month you will learn:

    • 4+ masterful reveals using feather fans 
    • 3+ seamless transitions between fan work and floor moves
    • Beyond Technique: Authenticity – how to be yourself on purpose
    • Be Bold: 5+ ways to elevate your own choreo


      This month you will learn:

      • 4+ Intermediate chair moves, hairography
      •  4+ Intermediate floor inversions and rolls
      • Beyond Technique: 4 ways to increase your visibility
      • Be Bold: Sensuality that makes them feel it

      MAY – AUGUST: BREAK – go hot girl that summer!


      This month you will learn:

      • 4+ ways to twirl tassels
      • Powerful parades: how to make an unforgettable entrance
      • Beyond Technique: Stage Presence is presence
      • Be Bold: 5 ways to tease an audience senseless


      This month you will learn:

      • Secrets to effortless and seductive corset removals
      • 4+ ways to get down to the floor and back up
      • Beyond Technique: Smart social media for effective showgirl marketing
      • Be Bold: Powerful endings and surprise elements


      This month you will learn:

      • Face stuff and audience engagement
      • Tips to improve quality of movement so you look more refined
      • Beyond Technique: How to create a shitty first draft
      • Be Bold: How to transform a shitty first draft into your best act yet


      Have you wanted to dip your toes in burlesque, but felt too shy? What better timing could there be for GV to come out with online workshops?!


      Dance class with Ginger Valentine makes isolation 1000% less boring.


      If you’re looking for something to keep you active during quarantine, I highly recommend Ginger Valentine’s online classes!


      Got a burning question about Strip School? I’m here for it! Send me a message using the chat box in the bottom right of this page.