Ready to take your chair dancing to the next level? Eager to improve your quality of movement and take your dirty, flirty dancing into a new orbit of captivating power and confidence? Wanna work out, but the thought going to a gym drains your soul? Well then, this class just might be for you!

This month,  we are teasing with gloves and a chair to Kip Tayor’s obscure classic “She’s My Witch” After completing this month’s coursework, you’ll know a brand new, full length chair dance, along with new tricks and moves that will build muscles and improve your posture and confidence.

You’ll get over a dozen instructional videos including a recorded version of my live class on Follow Through in Floorplay and a warm up that will condition your core for a strong center and better posture.

Course work will be released on Monday afternoons, Pacific Time (Oct 4, 11, 18 & 25). You will have access to these classes forever and can start them anytime it’s convenient for you, so no need to feel pressure if a strict schedule ain’t your thing.