I’m so excited that you are joining us for the Filthy, Dirty Tease! Course work will be released on Monday afternoons, Pacific Time (May 9, 16, 23, 30.) You will have access to these classes forever and can start them anytime it’s convenient for you, so no need to feel pressure if a strict schedule ain’t your thing.

We will be teasing with a bra and gloves to Ronnie Magri’s Last Call. This month, I’m deeply inspired by the queens of the French Quarter in New Orleans like Jada, Kitty West and Rita Alexander. We are doing “classic striptease” but keeping it in the gutter at the same time.

This month, you’ll also get a full burlesque – inspired warm up and fit/flex video focusing on your arms and back. Plus, I’ll reveal a few tricks and tips on making your own routine! Let’s get into it!