Looking to boost your strength and confidence, but your regular workout just ain’t cuttin’ it? Need help achieving your flexibility goals? Are you finally ready to get your splits? This package will give you all that and then some as you learn all the showgirl secrets to sinfully seductive dancing while building strong arms, back, core, and legs.
♡ Over 35 instructional videos to hone your lap, chair and floor work, including 8 unique conditioning and flexibility training videos
♡ Includes original choreography to 5 unique routines that will whip you into shape while learning seriously seductive moves
Buy once, and keep it forever.

Bundle Content


Online Workshop: Private Dancer

AKA ‘Sex Pilates’, this low impact but high intensity muscle conditioning course is almost too hot to handle. Improve flexibility and mobility, work out your core, glutes and legs, all while learning some of the hottest moves in burlesque and sensual dancing.

Online Workshop: Cherry Pie

Major hairography and floorwork is only suitable for this high energy floorplay routine. Learn original choreo to Warrant’s Cherry Pie. This one moves quickly and has some fun, intermediate tricks to learn and play with.

Strip School: Fit and Flex

Let’s get physical! If you wanna tease with ease, you need muscle control and flexibility. But this month is NOT your average boot camp! Sure, you will tone and condition your muscles, and improve your mobility, but you’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out!

Each week focuses on a different area and discipline, and includes a beginner/intermediate Floorplay routine.

Pilates, Barre, splits training and so much more will have you feeling fit to strip.

Strip School:  Filthy, Dirty Floorwork

Let’s get down and dirty with this introduction to floorwork. Learn how to get up and down from the floor, and progress through a series of new moves each week. You’ll learn technique and put it all into practice with a full routine. Common side effects include stronger muscles, increased sass, and big smiles.