This is the ULTIMATE guide to learning the fundamentals of classic burlesque. From glove-and-gown striptease to working with props and fans, you will be ready to take the headline spot after completing this course.


♡ Over 40 instructional dance and striptease videos
♡ Master the basics of the classic ‘glove and gown’
♡ Explore working with boas and fans
♡ Learn 5 unique routines and combos
Buy once and keep it forever 


Bundle Content


Strip School: Glove and Gown

The ultimate classic burlesque show is a glove and gown routine – taking it off with class, style, and drama. This month is all about big attitude, big presence and big FUN. Learn the secrets to captivating an audience and commanding attention! Common side effects to this course include improved posture, more confidence and a hella sassy attitude. 


Strip School: Boas 101

The ultimate luxury burlesque accessory is the feather boa. Learn how to dance, strut, tease and titillate with this classic showgirl staple. In just four weeks, you’ll progress through a series of boa work and complete a full burlesque routine. 


Strip School: Fans 101

You can’t say burlesque with out thinking of a classic fan dancing showgirl. Want to master the elegance and grace of Sally Rand? You’re in the right place!

You don’t need big fancy ostrich feather fans to take this course! Any hand fan, or even a construction paper one will do! This introductory course will teach you how to hold and dance with feather fans – the ultimate burlesque prop and requisite part of any showgirl repertoire! 


Online Workshop: Classic – Bump and Grind

Love classic burlesque movement? Learn the most popular classic burlesque combo from the curriculum. Focusing on timing, bump-n-grind and musicality, this course is a great place to start if you are burlesque-curious.